Testing integrations

How to test an integration #

If you want to test an integration plugin to ensure that it is configured properly, you have three options how to do that. A contact can be pushed to an integration via these actions:

  • The Campaign Builder has the Push contact to integration action which can be used in the Campaign configuration.
  • The Standalone Form has the Push contact to integration action which can be used after a standalone form is submitted.
  • The Points Trigger has the Push contact to integration action which can be triggered when a contact achieves a configured point limit.

Use any of those actions to test the plugin and see if the contact appears in the integration. Here is an example of how the Standalone Form action can be configured:

  1. Create a form with some fields(e.g. an email and a firstname field)
  2. Add the Push contact to integration action(e.g. Hubspot CRM)
  3. Browse to the form’s public URLhttps://example.com/form/[formID]
  4. Fill in the fields with sample contact information and submit
  5. Check the integration to see if the new contact was created

Troubleshooting #

If the firstname value was not saved to the integration:

  1. In the Form General configuration tab, confirm that the Form is configured to Save result

2. In the Form Contact Field configuration tab, confirm the field is:

ContactFirst Name

3. Double check the Integration field mappings
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