Onboarding new clients in Resonance

This document describes the steps to onboarding the new clients in Resonance.

1- Visit resonanceplace.com and buy the resonance platform. #

Select the package that you prefer and checkout

2- Login app resonance #

3- Config Data Source and Population #

View this video to Config the Data Source and Population. The Data Source depends on your environment. Resonance integrates with different e-commerce and other data client platform, like Prestashop, Shopify, Woocommerce, Salesforce, etc. For more information about integration review this section.

4- Config and execute Population #

When the infrastructure is ready for your resonance instance, you will receive an email to execute the population. To do that, view this video.

5- Create the first project #

Create the first marketing resonance project for tunning with your customer. View this video.

6– Create your Identity in Resonance #

Before sending the first message to your clients, you must create the brand identity. Review this video to Create a Static Identity for your Brand

7- Create segments #

Create a segment of your population to send personalized messages. View this video.

8- Create a new email message #

Create resonance content to send by email. View this video.

9-Config the Tracking for your e-commerce or website #

For the best result in your campaign is necessary to config tracking into the store or website. View this page to learn about that.

10- Integrate resonance with your customer data #

Resonance is ready to integrate with different platforms. Review this section for more info.

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