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Empathic Marketing

The team
We are an interdisciplinary team focused on the development and study of cognitive science specialising in computational linguistics, neuroscience, philosophy, mathematics, psychology, and artificial intelligence


The science

We subjectively build our reality. Our psychological profile, previous knowledge, interests, experiences, age, gender, and language, are some of the components that the brain uses to build its particular reality


Different perspectives give rise to different subjective realities:




The key to creating campaigns with the capacity for empathy lies in understanding the individual differences that determine the construction and interpretation of communications



The technology
The objectives of our technology are to achieve greater relevance for your campaigns and to create resonance with each individual in your target groups


Analyze how your brand is perceived on social media
Create an emotional and consistent identity for your Smartbrand
Build an evolutionary and resonant identity with your clients without losing its essence

Resonant communication

Get a communicative profile of each client
Thanks to the resonant communication profile you will be able to generate empathetic communications with each client
The most accurate and effective targeting available

Empathic Communications
Generation AI

Access the world's best empathic ultra-personalization cognitive engine

Our cognitive engine recognizes the communication profile of each client and automatically generates campaigns for each of them

Marketing Automation

Manage and automate all your campaigns and your personalized actions with each client
Contract campaigns by email, SMS, WhatsApp, or create dynamic web content without leaving resonance platform


Integrate resonance Customer Data Platform (CDP) 100% with your store, or integrate
resonance with the most used CRMs on the market

resonance CDP is enriched with unique layers of knowledge that improve the entire customer journey and loyalty

Social Commerce

Identify customers with the highest value for your micro-influence and social commerce strategies
Generate the most effective segments of influence
Take full advantage of resonance's Social Login

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